Bioremediation Services, Inc.

Bioremediation Services Inc. is a science based company that has developed a technology for the cleanup of hydrocarbon contaminants using the Archaea kingdom of microbes.

Archaea came into existence some 3.5 billion years ago when the Earth was covered in molten lava and the atmosphere was 100% carbon dioxide. Hydrocarbons were the only available food source. In order to survive Archaea had to develop an ability to break down complex hydrocarbon molecules. It has been busy cleaning up contaminants of all kinds ever since.  In fact, according to the National Labs in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Archaea are the last step in the natural cleanup cycle. 
 Scientists now know that Archaea make up approximately 35% of the biomass on Earth. It is found in virtually every environment from thermal vents on the oceaans' floor to the human digestive system.  It is indifferent to ambient temperature, ph levels or salinity.

Archaea in Bioremediation
The BSI technology uses the unique properties of Archaea to attack and consume hydrocarbon contamination in ground water. Archaea works faster, is more efficient, and costs considerably less than other technologies that have been used for years.

Five years ago we introduced our technology to the engineering and regulatory communities across the Southeast. Archaea is now being used successfully all over the Country. Its ease of use and low cost cleanups is beginning to make fundamental changes in the way contaminated ground water is treated.  The savings from using Archaea based technology allows regulators to clean up two or three times the number of sites for the same amount of money as they have spent for more expensive systems in the past.  Our technology has achieved site closures at an astonighing rate, and has made us the fastest growing bioremediation company in the Country. 

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If you have any questions about our product, process or results, or would like a no obligation, no cost proposal for the cleanup of your contaminated site, please  contact us for more information.